We make the transition to an electric vehicle easy. See below for some of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to residential and commercial EV charger station installations in Arkansas.

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get to know us
get to know us

Do you have financing options?

FLUX offers buy now pay later plans through Sunbit with options for 4, 6, 12, and 18 month plans.

What is the warranty?

Each different charger has an individual warranty. Our company offers a one year service warranty on any work that we complete.

How do I know the install will be done safely?

Our Electricians have gone through EV Certification through EVITP Certified installer program and know how to properly install for your home and your vehicles needs. General electricians and electric companies aren't typically well educated in EV charging installation best practice, therefore it is best to go with experts.

Can you help me with rebates and tax incentives?

Yes. On our install request form (link) there is a box to check if you would like assistance. If you do your taxes through a CPA, they should take care of this for you, if you do your taxes on your own, we can advise you on federal forms, utility and/or local incentives available to your area or through your electric company.

Why should I install charging stations at my business?

EV drivers look for places to charge when on the road. When you offer charging not only is it a draw for those people to stop at your place of business, but it is also helpful to employees that have EV’s to be able to get a charge while at work.

Does EV installation increase my home, rental, condo, or apartment complex’s value?

Your Property value will increase with the installation of EVSE products.

Why should I install EV charging at my Air BnB/Hotel/Motel?

As EV’s become more prevalent in modern culture, travelers are choosing their vacations stays based on where they can charge their vehicles. Get ahead of the market demand and offer it before your competition does.

Why should I install a Level 2 charger in my home when I can charge quicker at a Level 3 station by my house?

Level 3 charging can cause degredation to your vehicles battery at a faster rate, level 2 charging is the safest and preserves the life of your battery.

Which charger should I choose?

We recommend a variety of different manufacturers when choosing a charger for your home or business. Depending on the needs of the customer, we can recommend the charger the best fits your needs. Wallbox, Chargepoint, and Blink are our highest recommended charger.

Why should I choose FLUX for home charging?

Your car and your home are two of the biggest investments a person can make. Charging your car at your home requires specialized knowledge and certification that ensures safety, we are focused on offering that here at FLUX. Charging an electric vehicle will typically require the highest load of electrical current that is being used.

How much is does cost to install a charger at my home or business?

Each installation is unique. There are several factors that go into the price including electrical panel capacity, structure of building, and permitting requirements. The Average cost can vary from $550 to $3,000.