When and how to use DC Fast Charging

April 30, 2023

DC fast charging is much faster than AC Level 2 charging. The ease of use between the two are basically the same but there are drawbacks to charging faster and there are a few reasons you should use Level 2 AC charging more frequently than a Level 3 DC fast charger.

The best time to use DC fast charging is if you are pressed for time and need a quick charge, or you are on a road trip. Fast Charging requires different adaptors than the J1772 connector used for Level 2 charging. The CCS1 is the fast charging standard connector for the U.S.

Not all Electric Vehicles have the capability to fast charge, this is something to research prior to purchasing your EV.

It is more expensive to use DC fast charging, but you will be able to charge in approximately 22 - 30 minutes compared to 3 - 6 hours using AC level 2 charging depend on your cars capability.

The costs to operate, install, and energy usage for DC fast charging are much more expensive than Level 2 chargers.

DC fast charging causes more strain on the battery of the Electric Vehicle, and the extra power input could reduce the battery's life and efficiency so it is best to keep fast charging toonly to when you need it.

When charging an Electric Vehicle, there is a battery charging curve which shows that the rate of charge is fastest up to 80% and the last 20% to fill up could take just as much time as it took to get to 80%. This is your car's battery way of protecting itself from damage.