Northwest Arkansas HOA committes should commit to EV charging in Multi-Unit communities when rebates are still available.

April 28, 2023

EV transportation is here to stay: but the incentives to install EVSE products may not be. The investments from automakers is in the billions that is going towards Electric Vehicle manufacturing so e - mobility is the now and future. Condo owners and HOA committes are now catching on to the essential amenity of charging stations at communities throughout Fayetteville, Bentonville, and Rogers area. Even though when driving around, it is not very noticeable the increase in electric vehicles on the road. There will inevitably be a continued progression towards mass adoption. Plenty of states, cities, and utitlites are offering incentives and rebates to offset the costs of owning an EV and EVSE products. The Arkansas Clean City Coalition has awarded large amounts of funding towards Level 2 charging stations, and there is around $60,000 in funds available as of April 28,2023 for rebates towards installing charging stations. EV charging is affordable : the rates to charge an Electric Vehicles is significantly less than fueling a traditional ICE car. The utility companies in the Northwest Arkansas Region offer off-peak demand rates, which push those costs even further down. With the overnight kwH rate being right around 10 cents, it costs on average $6.50 to charge the electric vehicle overnight. This is significantly lower in comparison to a gas fill up. Power management features from electric vehicle charging products for multi-unit facilities offer the ability to only use the amount that is available at the time in order to not over load the capacity of the electrical service.